Bill Booth

Bill Booth

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bill Booth is a native of the rural State of Maine in the northeastern USA. While based in New York City in the early 80's he was offered a tour in Europe that brought him to the Norwegian city of Oslo.

A long series of recording and touring offers eventually led to a relocation to Norway. Since 1992, he has released three critically acclaimed albums of self-composed material, made dozens of television appearances, toured throughout Western Europe and the Eastern United States and has opened for acts as diverse as James Cotton Blues Band and Willie Nelson. Well known as a solo artist, Bill has also performed on releases by many of the top names in the business including Åge Alexandersen, Ottar Big Hand, Claudia Scott, Trond Granlund, Steinar Albrigtsen, Tom Pacheco, Tamra Rosanes and many more. Bill Booth’s fifth CD release “New Land” has already received rave reviews in the Norwegian press since it’s first release there in September 2010. Born and raised in America, Booth made his home in Norway after a tour there with the New York based band Diamond Rio led to a long-term engagement with Norwegian rock artist Aage Alexandersen. Booth’s new album takes the listener on a journey through the American landscape following the thread of Americans who emigrated from his adopted homeland in Scandinavia. It is an album filled with songs of triumph and bravery, war and peace, pioneers, explorers, prairie settlers, cowboys and Civil War soldiers. “Colonel Hans Heg”, “Tug Boat Annie”, “Slim Jim Iversen”, “Snow Shoe Thompson” and Doctor Reidar Wennesland are some of the characters we meet on a trail that leads from the Minnesota prairies to the logging camps of the Pacific Northwest, the Sierra Mountains to the Texas plains and the small fishing ports of New England to the city streets of San Francisco chronologically stretching from the 1830’s to the 1980’s.


Molly Mckeen

Bill BoothMolly Mckeen

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Some distant shore

Bill BoothSome Distant Shore

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Wild Geese

Bill BoothWild Geese

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