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Here's to you

The BeatniksHere's To You

Sjanger: GTAS365Format: SingelPris: Ikke tilgjengelig 
King Of The World

HumbuckerKing Of The World

Sjanger: GTHCD5019Format: CDPris: kr. 179,-Bestill CD

The TeddybearsTeddybears

Sjanger: GTHCD5017Format: CDPris: kr. 179,-Bestill CD
To feite striper Brylcreme

The TeddybearsTo Feite Striper Brylcreme

Sjanger: Pop/ GTHCD5016Format: CDPris: kr. 179,-Bestill CD
I Think of You

Geir & SteinI Think Of You

Sjanger: GTHCD5012Format: CDPris: kr. 139,-Bestill CD
High Noon

Geir & SteinHigh Noon

Sjanger: GTHCD5011Format: CDPris: kr. 139,-Bestill CD

The Beatniks50

Sjanger: GTHCD5010Format: CDPris: kr. 179,-Bestill CD
Hey, pretty baby (with the blue jeans on)

PegasusHey, Pretty Baby (with The Blue Jeans On)

Sjanger: NOGTA1101010Format: SingelPris: Ikke tilgjengelig 
Play with the Beatniks

The BeatniksPlay With The Beatniks

Sjanger: Instrumental/karaoké SPI-DVD331Format: DVDPris: kr. 179,-Bestill DVD
40 Years Of Excellence

The Beatniks40 Years Of Excellence

Sjanger: GTHCD50067Format: CDPris: kr. 179,-Bestill CD
Jukebox Swing

The BeatniksJukebox Swing

Sjanger: GTHCD5002Format: CDPris: kr. 139,-Bestill CD


Sjanger: GTHCD5001Format: CDPris: kr. 139,-Bestill CD
Into The Shadows

The BeatniksInto The Shadows

Sjanger: GTHCD5005Format: CDPris: kr. 139,-Bestill CD
Cross Country

The BeatniksCross Country

Sjanger: GTHCD5004Format: CDPris: kr. 139,-Bestill CD
Elvis Presley Is Alive And Well

The BeatniksElvis Presley Is Alive And Well

Sjanger: GTHCD5003Format: CDPris: kr. 179,-Bestill CD